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Mobile Grooming

Welcome to The Piggy Place! We are so excited that you found us!


We are a mobile grooming service for guinea pigs that come to YOU.

We understand taking your piggy to the vet can be a stressful task and there are many factors to consider. They are sensitive little ones that can easily heat stroke, or get too stressed and become ill.  We can make nail trims and baths a smoother process for you and you fur babies without going to the vet!

We are experienced in handling a variety of guinea pigs, whether they are confident or skittish, and offer grooming services that will work around you and your piggy's individual needs. We aim to provide a gentle, calm grooming session that gets your piggy looking, feeling, and smelling great!

Remember: Adopt, Don't Shop!!

Jacques Flower Crown

Looking to Adopt?

There are so many great shelters and rescues with guinea pigs that need homes...
Below is a list of a few rescues in California as well as other great rescues around the US!

You can also google some rescues and shelters near you!

Why adopt, and not shop?

Do you know about the current guinea pig crisis? There are guinea pigs flooding the shelters and rescues. Shelters are being forced to euthanize perfectly healthy pigs, or at least pigs with minor health concerns that can be easily treated but simply cannot be because of being understaffed, not having the resources or space, not having the finances, and even because of a lack of knowledge. There are many reasons for this. To list a few: ○    The Pandemic. During this time many people got pets because of the extra time they had to stay at home. However, not everyone does their research or considers what they will do if they aren't able to keep the pets, go back to work, or decide guinea pigs aren't for them. They are definitely NOT just easy, low maintenance, starter pets for kids. Now that the pandemic is over, an increase of abandonments and surrenders are occurring as people no longer can or want to care for their pets. ○    Lack of research. There is a dangerous misconception that guinea pigs are easy, low maintenance starter pets. The truth is, they can take a lot of work, just like any other pet, if not more. It takes patience to form a bond with them. Sometimes people don't realize that they have allergies to the hay or the piggies themselves. Many people impulse buy from pet stores with little to no research and do not consider the consequences. Pet stores often do not take returns and people are forced to abandon them. ○    Pet Stores. Pet stores are a big contributor to the current guinea pig crisis because of their lack of knowledge. We have seen and heard of SO many cases where people think they're buying 2 same-sex pigs from a pet store, and end up getting a male and female instead. Pet stores simply don't know what they are doing!!! This leads to them accidently breeding, and yes they will BREED continuously until they are separated! Many people don't realize this, keep them together, then end up with 10, 20, 30, 40+ guinea pigs, many of which are inbred, sick, and have other health concerns. Pet stores also provide a lot of misinformation and do not usually provide proper cages. Many pet store guinea pigs are also sick, due to mass breeding in inproper conditions. Pet stores have a small return window and will refuse to take back any babies that are accidently bred.  Many first time owners get their first pig from a pet store before realizing the importance of rescuing, and that's okay! The important thing is that we all learn, grow, and help each other in order to help these little guys! Please help be a part of the solution and consider rescuing your next guinea pigs, or share this information with friends and family who are thinking about getting piggies themselves!

lagpr babies.jpg

Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

Los Angeles, CA


Wee Companions

San Diego, CA

sca gpr.jpg

Southern CA Guinea Pig Rescue



Above & Beyond

Buena Park, CA


Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue

New Kensington, PA

grandmas animals.jpg

Grandma's Animals

Pulaski County, AR


Little Buddies Refuge

Philadelphia, PA

ct humane society.jpg

Connecticut Humane Society


gp sanctuary.jpg

Guinea Pig Sanctuary

Sailsbury, MA

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